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A Very Special Valentine: Limited Edition Sweethearts

We’ve created the PERFECT 4 in 1 Playful Flavors item to help your customers celebrate their special day. This Limited Edition SWEETHEARTS will delight lovers with a unique flavour & scent. Sweethearts are an iconic heart-shaped candy that have been shared by lovers for more than a century! These classic candies symbolize love and bring back memories of youthful delight and pure sweetness with their uniquely subtle flavor blend of cherry, banana, strawberry, grape, and orange.

Swiss Navy’s 4 in 1 Playful Flavors line was launched in early 2021 with four flavors—Straw-Kiwi Pleasures, Wild Passion Fruit, Chocolate Sensation, and Poppin Wild Cherry. Salted Caramel Delight was added in late 2021, and Watermelon and Cotton Candy flavours were introduced earlier this year. Mango joined the delicious line up just last month in November 2023. And now in 2024, Sweethearts has made its debut.  

All 4 in 1 Playful Flavors unique water-based formulas offer multi-purpose pleasure options: Warming, Edible, Lubricant, Massage. Playful Flavors is lube for every lover’s lifestyle. From frisky foreplay to surreal sex, 4 in 1 Playful Flavors makes it easy for consumers to explore ways to add more play to their love life.

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