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Viben Toys Celebrates Nominations at Prestigious AVN and O Awards

Viben, a leading innovator in the pleasure product industry, proudly announces its recent nominations across multiple categories at the prestigious AVN Awards and O Awards. This recognition underlines the company’s commitment to excellence in product design and innovation, further establishing its reputable position in the industry.

AVN Awards Nomination for “Best Small Pleasure Product Manufacturer
Viben’s nomination in this category reflects the company’s unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. As a smaller-scale manufacturer, Viben has consistently showcased its ability to craft premium pleasure products that appeal to a diverse and discerning clientele. This nomination is a significant acknowledgment of Viben’s excellence in the field.

Triple Nomination at the O Awards
Viben’s achievements extend to the O Awards with three remarkable nominations, demonstrating the company’s versatile expertise:

1. **Outstanding Anal Product:** The “Cheeky Charms Gunmetal Butt Plug with Teal Gem” is commended for its elegant design, striking color combination, and user-friendly attributes, offering a luxurious experience to users.

2. **Outstanding Remote Controlled Product:** Viben’s dual recognition in this category is for:
– The “Cheeky Charms” line, lauded for its innovation in remote-controlled design and standout packaging.
– The “Red Medium Rechargeable Vibrating Metal Butt Plug with Remote Control,” notable for being one of the unique vibrating metal butt plugs in the market, distinguished by its exclusive features, superior quality, and exceptional user experience.

Industry Recognition and Future Outlook
“Receiving nominations for three O Awards and one AVN Award is a tremendous honor,” stated Lulu Shwartzer from Viben. “For a relatively new brand like ours, these nominations are particularly gratifying and acknowledge the meticulous effort invested in the Viben ‘Cheeky Charms’ series, both Vibrating and Non-Vibrating. Our focus on high-quality products, aesthetically pleasing packaging, and attention to detail has made the Cheeky Charms series a standout, and these nominations are a testament to that fact.”

Bonnie Feingold, CEO of Viben, added, “We are deeply honored and humbled by these prestigious nominations at the AVN Awards and O Awards. This recognition goes beyond just our commitment to excellence and innovation in the pleasure products industry; it’s a tribute to the hard work, creativity, and dedication of our entire team. Our journey has always centered on enhancing personal experiences, and these nominations validate our direction and efforts.”

As Viben looks to the future, these nominations serve as a powerful motivation to continue our pursuit of excellence and innovation. The company remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards in product design and customer satisfaction.

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