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We-Vibe Releases ‘Rave 2’: The Next Generation of Vulva Owners-Focused Vibrators

Berlin, September 18, 2023
 – We-Vibe, leading innovator in the sex toy industry, is proud to announce the launch of the Rave 2, a modern take on the classic silicone dildo. This latest addition to the We-Vibe product line is a testament to the evolution of lifelike silicone dildos since their inception in the 1970s and is sure to delight consumers with its unique design and advanced functionality. As the pursuit of ultimate satisfaction continues, the We-Vibe Rave 2 emerges as an extraordinary solution, providing an unrivaled experience that pushes the boundaries of pleasure. With its revolutionary design, the Rave 2 offers a transformative experience, an alternative to physical limitations and delights individuals seeking new realms of pleasure.

We-Vibe Rave 2: The Next Generation of Vulva Owners-Focused Vibrators
We-Vibe Rave 2 offers a unique combination of features to deliver intense pleasure in a sleek and modern package. The adjustable hinge and asymmetrical grooves allow the toy to be bent to different angles, benefitting women by different angles of penetration, simply by twisting the body of the toy. Furthermore, the design of this product acknowledges that not all women possess symmetrical body proportions, making it truly inclusive and suitable for individuals of diverse shapes and sizes. The modern vibrator with its dual, powerful motors placed at the vaginal entrance and G-spot, is designed to allow users to stimulate the G-spot and vaginal opening simultaneously, providing an experience that is both powerful and can be personalized. Unfortunately, women have yet to discover a way to physically bend a man’s penis like the We-Vibe Rave 2, so this is the next best thing invented to ‘break’ the physical obstacle.

Elisabeth Neumann, We-Vibe Sexologist and User Research Manager states, “For too many years, sex toy design was driven by the simple motivation of replicating penetration, without taking into consideration how pleasure anatomies actually function nor how people’s sexual behavior and desire looks like. Luckily, nowadays we are aware that each person has their very own individual set of preferences. The adjustable hinge offers a personalized experience and a unique approach to the body. It invites the user both to explore new pleasure zones in their body, as well as precisely targeting those they already enjoy, with the ultimate goal that everyone can take charge of their own bodies and pleasure.”

Rave 2 also features 10 vibration modes, including custom options, which let users choose the perfect mode to suit their preferences. The free We-Vibe app allows users to fully surrender and let their partner control the toy, whether they are in the same room or across the globe.

We-Vibe Rave 2 Features:

  • Adjustable fit – Rave’s flexible design allows you to choose the best angle for your unique body to stimulate your G-spot perfectly ​
  • Dual stimulation – Rumbly, deep vibrations, customizable to your preference, stimulate the G-spot and vaginal opening and let you experience a mind-blowing orgasm. (Dual motors that can be controlled separately) ​
  • Unique shape – The asymmetrical grooves of Rave transform gentle movements into ecstatic pleasure. Simply twist the toy and the soft edges together with the powerful rumbly vibrations deliver intense sensations right where you want them
  • App-Enabled – The free We-Vibe app allows you to fully surrender and let your partner control the toy, whether you are in the same room or across the globe
  • 10 vibration modes – Multiple vibration modes including custom options let you choose to suit your preferences

We-Vibe Rave 2 comes in Bold Pink and Muted Blue and is available from September 18, 2023 onwards, for US$169 on we-vibe.com.

About We-Vibe
We-Vibe specializes in the development of innovative products for everybody’s love life – with a focus on products for partners. In 2008, We-Vibe launched the first c-shaped vibrator to be worn during intercourse, which has gone on to sell more than 6 million times worldwide. The free We-Vibe app allows users to control We-Vibe products from anywhere and across continents via smartphone. We-Vibe, like Womanizer and Arcwave, is a brand of Lovehoney Group with offices in Berlin, Ottawa, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Further information can be found at we-vibe.com.

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