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Topped Toys Releases the AGON 160

Agon, the Greek deity of struggle and contest, has sent to Earth his greatest creation. He calls forth any slut who thinks their hole has what it takes to reign supreme atop Mount Hole-ympus. The time has come. Your ultimate challenge awaits.

So pull your legs up and let your bodyweight do the work, because Agon is on the warpath. It’s going to take every ounce of strength (and looseness) you’ve got to conquer this monster. Even if you reach the end of this massive chode, there’s no relief.

A stretcher of demonic proportions, the AGON 160 is the most vile, cruel implement of torture we’ve ever deceived. Sporting a huge head, huge tactile veins, and a thick underside ridge, AGON 160 is as much of a textural treat for your lips as it is a force of complete hole destruction.

Just by the time you’ve squirmed over his head and voluptuous foreskin folds, AGON 160 will already pushing you to 11.25″ — and that’s just the tip. Your hole definitely has its work cut out for it. As you surmount his massive head and work your way down the shaft, he just gets wider… and wider… and wider. Will it ever stop?

For more information visit www.toppedtoys.com

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