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Topped Toys Releases Rosebud Pumps

You can picture it right now, can’t you? A plump, puffy, luscious, donut-shaped cunt that is just begging to be made-out with, stretched out, and ravaged. It’s the perfect bullseye for cocks, fists, and toys. It sounds fucking perfect doesn’t it? It’s time to pump it up.

Maybe you’re looking to finally train out that rosebud and cuntmeat just like you’ve seen online. You know the type. Hefty, hot, meaty rosebuds pushed out past your cheeks, stroked and licked and a true sign of being a slut beyond repair.

And if you’re a real nasty pig, you’re after them both.

Holes like this aren’t reserved for fantasy and pornstars, but are easily achievable. Our two Rosebud Cunt Pumps, one with a probe and one without, are the perfect combo to overhaul your hole and make it even more irresistible. On top of that, sensations from hole-play are heightened from being pumped up beforehand, making it even more incredible.

Ready to pump it up to the max? Get the rub straight from the whore’s mouth in this double-review of our Rosebud Pump Cylinders.

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