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Nasstoys Wins 2024 ‘O’ Award For Outstanding Anal Product

North Bergen, NJ / January 31, 2024 – Leading adult manufacturer Nasstoys (www.nasstoys.com) is pleased to announce they have won the AVN 2024 ‘O’ Award for Outstanding Anal Product for their Ass-Sation Kit #1.
Nasstoys, now award-winning Ass-Sation Kit #1, was recognized by AVN during the 2024 ‘O’ Awards, taking home the trophy for Outstanding Anal Product. Nasstoys Ass-Sation Kit #1 features three individually packaged phallic-shaped, silicone, butt plugs of graduated sizes to make anal training easy.

“This was a great way to end a very busy month. Thank you to everyone at AVN for this amazing ‘O’ award. This whole collection has been very well received, but the ”Ass-Sation Kit #1 seemed to really become popular with so many different sectors of the adult community. We had a great ANE; thank you to all of our customers, colleagues, and AVN for another memorable week,” said Elliot Schwartz, Nasstoys President.

The Nasstoys Ass-Sation Collection has been very successful since its launch, highlighting different anal products made of both metal and silicone. The unique metal products made this collection especially popular because of the vibrating features. Nasstoys displayed the Ass-Sation Collection during their participation in the AVN Adult Novelty Expo, also known as ANE, this month in Las Vegas.

The full Nasstoys Ass-Sation Collection includes Ass-Sation Kit #1, Ass-Sation Kit #2, Ass-Sation Remote Vibrating P-Spot Plug, Ass-Sation Remote Vibrating Metal Anal Bulb, Ass-Sation Remote Vibrating Metal Anal Ecstasy, Ass-Sation Remote Vibrating Metal Anal Pleaser, Ass-Sation Remote Vibrating Metal Anal Lover, Ass-Sation Remote Vibrating & Rotating Anal Plug, and the Ass-Sation Remote Vibrating Metal Plug.

To learn more about the Ass-Sation Collection or any Nasstoys product, contact a Nasstoys sales representative or email sales@nasstoys.com. Visit Nasstoys’ website at www.nasstoys.com to see a full range of products available. Follow Nasstoys through social media on Instagram @nasstoys, Twitter @nasstoys, and Facebook at www.facebook.com/nasstoys.

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