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MEET BOOTIE FEM: The A-list Butt Plug Creating A Buzz in the Bedroom and Beyond

Los Angeles, CA / March 12, 2024: Today, leading sex toy brand FUN FACTORY’s BOOTIE FEM makes adult cinematic history as the first sex toy taking on the role of narrator in a film. The new movie is called Sex Toy Story, and it’s directed by award-winner Erika Lust.

Since the gorgeous BOOTIE FEM has such a tendency to steal the spotlight, it’s no wonder that she’s one of the stars. In the 21-minute movie, the viewer learns BOOTIE FEM’s story as a once-adventurous butt plug, abandoned by her mistress in a bedside drawer, who eventually finds her way back to love.

It’s been almost exactly a year since this renowned toy launched. With its sleek, slim, and sexy aesthetic, this beginner-friendly butt plug has revolutionized sex for people with vulvas and beyond. Its asymmetrical, flower-like shape isn’t just sophisticated but also functional: It applies pressure and narrows the area near the G-spot so that vaginal sex is significantly enhanced.

Even before getting famous, BOOTIE FEM sold thousands in its first year of launch. It sold at a pace of almost one per hour throughout the year.* With its newfound fame as the star of Erika Lust’s film, BOOTIE FEM is poised to be one of 2024’s bestsellers.

It’s no wonder that individuals and couples have fallen for this tulip-shaped toy that lets them explore double penetration and have better orgasms. After all, anal is the new oral.

Kristen Tribby, Head of Global Marketing and Education at FUN FACTORY, comments: “Anal is the new oral, and has been for a while now. No wonder BOOTIE FEM is one of our bestsellers—it is the ideal toy for both partnered and solo use. The innovative shape of our elegant BOOTIE FEM is made to enhance pleasure for both the wearer and the penetrator, delivering sensations that feel like nothing else you’ve ever tried.”

“As a brand, we have noticed not only couples but also single people becoming way more adventurous in bed. Sales for pegging, anal, and kink-related toys and accessories have shot way, way up and we encourage the adventurous attitude to stay.”

*Number of BOOTIE FEM units sold throughout the full year – 6,239
Formula: 6,239/365 days = 17 (which is almost one unit sold per hour throughout the year)

FUN FACTORY is an innovator in the adult toy industry, combining German engineering with a sense of joyful experimentation to create pleasure products that are both superior and unique in design. Since 1996, their factory in Bremen, Germany has employed eco-friendly methods and fair labor practices in producing their bestselling FUN FACTORY toys. 

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