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LOVE NOT WAR Introduces NeoSilicone™: The First Silicone Compound That’s Safe To Use With Silicone Lubes

LONDON, UK: Innovative British sex toy brand, LOVE NOT WAR, has today announced the development and launch of a whole new generation of silicone for sex toy use that is compatible with silicone lube: NeoSilicone™.

LOVE NOT WAR’s exclusive NeoSilicone™ took two years of research and development, and offers a unique breakthrough long requested by customers: it’s a silicone compound that’s safe to use along with silicone lubricants. Adapted from an existing material used for highly specialised purposes in the aerospace industry, NeoSilicone™ looks set to change the way customers enjoy their pleasure.

When it was first introduced for sex toy use, silicone completely transformed the industry. Similarly, silicone lubricants remain a consumer favourite, although, unfortunately both have always been incompatible when used together with the toys “melting” and becoming porous.

Now, for the first time ever, LOVE NOT WAR’s innovation has solved this problem, with a compound that offers zero degradation from the use of silicone lubricants. This will permit the customer a far superior sensual experience that lasts longer, requires less lube, and is cleaner. In short, LOVE NOT WAR’s new sex toys are fully and independently certified safe to use with silicone lubricants.

The details of the compound itself are a closely guarded secret, despite its glittering awards cabinet of accreditations and certifications. Co-founder and CEO Will Ranscombe explains:

“We’re immensely proud of this massive step forward in customer satisfaction. We’re an independent sex toy designer and one of the benefits of having your own manufacturing facilities, as we do, is that you can experiment and do very focused R&D, and make sudden massive breakthroughs like this one. One of the disadvantages, though, is that bigger competitors are always watching and, with all that private equity behind them, we often feel the need to look over our shoulder.”

Will continues: “Our goal here is to improve the quality and reputation of the entire pleasure industry, but we also don’t want to get our Intellectual Property stolen and exploited. We’ve trademarked NeoSilicone™ and are now keen to continue to do good work for our customers, and with this new launch, we believe that we’ve really done that. This isn’t a gimmick or a marketing ploy, it’s the real deal.”

Speaking about the launch, President of Uberlube inc, creator of one of the world’s most luxury silicone lubes, Stephen Magnusen, said, “It’s not often we have industry advancements like these, but LOVE NOT WAR is proving to be an impressive innovator, able to fast realise ideas like total supply chain sustainability and complex solutions like this amazing silicone compatibility.”

The entire range of LOVE NOT WAR sex toy heads will now be available in NeoSilicone™, while the Power Of Love battery compartment continues to be made of the same recycled aluminium that made LOVE NOT WAR famous.

All LOVE NOT WAR products are manufactured in the brand’s custom-built, green-powered factory where the team works continuously to ensure the highest green practices are upheld at every level.

The new product range will officially launch to the public on September 4th, 2023 with wholesale prices starting at US$50 for full toys and US$25 for just the heads and RRP for full toys starting at US$99.99 and US$49.99 for just the heads. For sales enquiries please contact hello@l-n-w.com or reach out to your local Gisele International sales rep at info@giseleinternational.com.

LOVE NOT WAR is a British sustainable sex toy brand that creates well-designed, well-thought-out, eco-friendly products that don’t cost the earth.  LOVE NOT WAR launched in 2021 and provides luxury high-end products that are also eco-conscious. From design right through to recycling their own materials, LOVE NOT WAR has full control of the manufacturing process in their own custom-built factory, ensuring that every step in production is as sustainable as possible. They have created a product range that is eco-conscious without compromising on design, functionality, and quality.

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