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Hot Octopuss Releases the Pulse Queen

Introducing the PULSE QUEEN, the world’s first wand with PuslePlate Technology™. Setting a new standard for wands everywhere, the PULSE QUEEN delivers high-amplitude oscillations that penetrate deep into your body. Whether you’re a newbie or a power queen, the PULSE QUEEN will have you accessing a whole new orgasm pallet you never knew existed.

1 x Pulse Queen
1 x Travel pouch
1 x Instruction booklet
1 x Charging cable
1 x Warranty sheet

Putting the magic back into wands, the PULSE QUEEN offers a completely new kind of sensation. Rather than the vibrations you’ve come to expect from your toys, the PULSE QUEEN delivers deep and bassy oscillations! It’s truly like nothing you – or your vulva – have ever experienced before.

Another great thing about oscillations is the range that can be achieved. The PULSE QUEEN starts off really gentle, which is perfect for those new to toys, and builds to an intense crescendo when you hit the higher settings. This makes the PUSLE QUEEN extremely versatile and great for those newer to toys as well as those who love their power – power queens and newbies rejoice!

For more information visit www.hotoctopuss.com

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