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Bad Dragon Releases Mammoth 2XL

Introducing Andre the Mammoth, our largest toy yet. Coming in at 20” total length (16” usable length) and weighing in at just over 16 pounds, you can believe our 2XL Mammoth is our largest-sized toy yet. With an available size range from Mini to 2XL, Andre can work for those who cannot accommodate a 2XL. Great for those who like the idea of a textured Mammoth but in a much smaller version, or stretch up to a 2XL for those who like it big, and it honestly does not get bigger than Andre currently. A true giant and our first major release of 2024, shadowing our catalog of XL toys in comparison.

Starting at 12 pm AZ MST today, we will be dropping a large selection of Andre in various colors and Rogue colors, as well as including its Signature and Natural colorations:

  • Natural: A fade of a metallic rust Orange to a dark plum Red base with Red glimmer throughout.
  • Signature: A dark highlight over a fade of light creamy Gold to a dark base of Platinum Ore with an Aqua GitD shaft.

Today, we are also expanding the models offered with our Dragon Mount™ feature to include Andre ranging in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. The new models with this feature will be available for order in our upcoming queue opening in February. Also, when our February queue opens, we will activate the colors of Tis’ the Season, Amethyst, Strawberry Frosted Squares, and Pisces. Remember these colors and Dragon Mount™ models when planning your upcoming Custom order in February.

Along with our Mammoth dropping today, we have some fantastic new designs planned to release in the upcoming year and beyond. Due to that, immediately after our February Customs queue opening, we will be retiring the following models: Pearce and Blaze. Please remember that these models will still be available to order via our Customer Service ticketing system when Custom ordering is open. We will occasionally add these models to our Legacy and Inventory drops. However, we will remove these models from our Shop page after our February Customs queue opening to allow space for new and exciting models in the future.

Stop by for our Andre drop today at 12 pm AZ MST for the best variety of colors available and a great selection of toys in other models. Be sure to get there as soon as possible so you do not miss out on being among the first to purchase this incredible new release. Begin your largest adventure to date with Andre today and expand beyond the bounds of any fantasy you have experienced before!

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