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Topped Toys Unveils the Artemis 80

TORONTO, ON – Steel yourselves, mortals! Artemis is unveiling a mighty new tool in her arsenal.

The new Artemis 80 expands the Artemis Collection with a more accessible size. Coming in at a juicy 8″ circumference and plunging 10″ deep, this Vac-U-Lock ready dildo will expand your depths in mind-melting ways.

Are you ready to join Artemis on her crusade to ravage and gape holes?

This huge Greek sentinel has come on behalf of the gods in search of the most eager, sex-crazed nymphomaniacs of Earth to fill their harem. It turns out that the gods love meddling with humans in a great many ways. Artemis promises you a life of extravagance, prestige, and the most wild of bodily pleasures, if you prove worthy of the task. But who are you to say no? This deep destroyer is a dream come true.

Before Artemis takes you aboard her chariot and back to the harem, she has the task of testing any courtesans’ abilities with the pegging of your life. The real question is, do you think you can make this beast fit? Who are we kidding, just take a look at this hulking deity’s cock — of course you’ll make it fit.

Visit https://toppedtoys.com for more information.

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