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Lovense Unveils First-Ever Apple Vision Pro-Compatible Sex Toys

With the official launch of Apple Vision Pro, Lovense, a premier sex tech pleasure brand also announces their upcoming software integration, which will create a brand new long-distance sexual interaction experience based on spatial computing. This upcoming integration will allow users to control partners’ Lovense toys with intuitive hand gestures, such as a simple “Shaking” motion, a groundbreaking innovation to redefine long-distance intimacy.

The most unique usage feature of the Apple Vision Pro is that it does not require a control handle. The cameras built into the headset can fully track user control gestures, which lay the foundation for this integration. Lovense, based on gesture recognition of Apple Vision Pro, has developed customized gesture recognition commands. Users simply need to make certain recognizable gestures such as ‘Grab & Shake’, to generate a real-time unique vibration frequency that controls their partner’s toys. Such an interactive experience undoubtedly makes both parties in a long-distance sexual relationship feel more immersed, even if they are not physically together.

“Thanks to spatial computing technology, in conjunction with the dedicated Lovense Remote app, users can fully experience the new mixed reality it brings. This feature further enhances users’ immersion and interactive experiences when using Lovense toys. It’s a big step towards transforming how people experience long-distance intimacy, and Lovense will continue to innovate in creating more emotionally connected experiences for couples, regardless of the distance.” Quote from Dan Liu,  CEO of Lovense.

About Lovense
Lovense is the leader in the field of teledildonics and interactive sex tech, revolutionizing longdistance intimacy through technology. They exclusively develop sex toys that can be controlled remotely on their app, and double down on imagination by offering the opportunity for unprecedented interactive and long-distance intimacy experiences for couples worldwide.

For more information about other Lovense products, please visit www.lovense.com

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