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Swiss Navy’s New NAKED 100% Natural Lubricant is NOW SHIPPING!

Swiss Navy NAKED 100% Natural Personal Lubricant was created for all skin types, so everyone can enjoy smooth, frictionless pleasure for any sexual activity. NAKED is an advanced hypoallergenic formula made with the finest ingredients and is water-based and free of parabens and glycerin. Enriched with a refreshing aloe scent, NAKED was crafted for the most sensitive skin types to help deliver an unforgettable intimate experience every time.

Benefits of Swiss Navy’s NAKED 100% Natural Personal Lubricant

  • Clean, water-based formula—ideal for people with sensitive skin and safe to use with sex toys and condoms
  • Ideal for consumers looking for a natural lubricant
  • Effective, high-quality formulation without the use of parabens and glycerin

NAKED’s 100% natural formula aligns with consumer values and features qualities for today’s consumer. Consumers value “naturalness” because natural is perceived as “safer”. According to research, globally 60-70% of females and 50-60% of males have some degree of sensitive skin. Intimate personal lubricant with 100% natural ingredients is targeted to a large consumer group.

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