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SVAKOM Sponsors Euphoria Party in Mallorca Island

July 22
nd, 2023, SVAKOM sponsored a Euphoria party hosted by singer/journalist FRVELA.
With 150 attendees, SVAKOM provided sponsorship by offering 50 Hedy X’s to those who arrived first, and providing products as prizes to be one throughout the night.

“This party really aligns with our values,” a SVAKOM representative said. “it offered a night where people could be who they are, enjoy themselves without judgement or prejudice. This is exactly what SVAKOM values, and as such we couldn’t miss the opportunity to get involved.”

SVAKOM is committed to upholding its values as an inclusive brand, offering products that provide interactivity and long-distance connection to facilitate a healthier approach to sexual wellness – encouraging its consumers to be open and free with their sex life.

“We are always seeking new ways to help break down the barriers and de-stigmatize sexual wellness topics in daily life,” the representative continued. “Euphoria party offered an opportunity to show people that sexual wellness is a topic to be celebrated; spoken about freely and with confidence. We offer a range of products designed to enhance the sex life of any and everyone, from long-distance lovers looking to keep the spark alive despite the distance, to those looking to get better acquainted with their own bodies.”

SVAKOM Hedy X provides a unique drying stand alongside a complimentary lube sachet designed to helped introduce people to a new experience, focusing on making the use of adult toys simple and easy for newcomers and professionals alike.

The Connexion Series, created by SVAKOM, takes interactivity to new levels. Featuring a range of products from masturbators to wands, each member of the Connexion Series provides long-distance app control and video interactivity.

“Seeing the faces of people who receive our products always brings us joy – whether slightly nervous, a little shy, or overjoyed – each person’s journey to sexual discovery and self-love is unique, and we’re happy to be just a small part of it.”

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