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In Honour of National Adult Sex Ed Month, Swiss Navy Celebrates the success of their ‘Certified Expert’ Program

POMPANO BEACH, Florida – June 21, 2023—
June is National Adult Sex Education Month and is an annual celebration of informative and sex-positive enlightenment about sex and sexuality, specifically for adults.

Last year, in June 2022, in honour of this occasion, Swiss Navy created a comprehensive online certification course to help provide retail associates with valuable knowledge and a path to certification as an expert in their field. Over the past year, hundreds of retail staff members have completed the Swiss Navy Certified Expert program.

“We understand the concerns that retailers have, many of which are struggling with the demands of constantly training and retraining their staff and our certification program has been an incredible success for our customer-partners,” said Briana Watkins, ACS, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for M.D. Science Lab. The online Swiss Navy Certified Expert certification course is self-paced and can be accessed on multiple devices at any day and time to fit into retail staff schedules.

“Over the past year we’ve certified hundreds of retail staff members,” said Dr. Sunny Rodgers, Director of Brand Development for M.D. Science Lab. “We understand how information in our industry is constantly expanding and evolving, which can make it difficult for retailers to keep training current and comprehensive.”

The multi-module course covers everything from types of consumable goods to in-depth knowledge of uses and solutions and is peppered with Did You Know tidbits to help initiate conversations with consumers. The course was created in a bite-sized format so that retail staff can easily navigate their way to certification on any time schedule.

“Our Swiss Navy Certified Expert program has provided an ongoing education for staff members to help them be better prepared and more valuable for retailers,” said Rodgers. “It’s important to take time during the month of June and remember the overall importance of sex education, and we’re particularly proud of this training platform that we’ve been able to build and share.”

Some graduates reported that they appreciate knowing more about ingredients and how they may affect a consumer’s body. And almost all course participants agree that the knowledge they’ve learned will help them be better at working with consumers on a daily basis. Upon successfully completing all ten modules in the course, the staff member will receive a certificate of completion announcing them as a ‘Swiss Navy Certified Expert’.

Retailers and their staff are encouraged to sign up at www.swissnavycertifiedexpert.com.

To see the latest Swiss Navy product range, please visit swissnavy.com. For more sales and marketing resources, please visit Swiss Navy’s B2B Resource Center at www.b2bswissnavy.com.

About M.D. Science Lab
Since 1999, M.D. Science Lab has continually created award-winning products dedicated to helping consumers live healthier lives. With a focus on intimate wellness and nutritional good health, M.D. Science Lab continues to create products at the forefront of the wellness market that are offered worldwide. For more information, please contact Briana@Swissnavy.com or visit www.swissnavy.com.   

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