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Bedroom Products Inks Distribution Deal with Diamond Wellness

Los Angeles, CA / December 13, 2023 – Award-winning sexual wellness manufacturer Bedroom Products has announced a distribution deal with Diamond Wellness for its line of sexual enhancement supplements.
Under the strategic partnership, Bedroom Products will oversee the distribution of two Diamond Wellness supplement brands, Hard As Fuck for men, and Wet As Fuck for women.

David Joseph, CEO of Bedroom Products, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “we are genuinely excited to partner with Diamond Wellness, based on their integrity in product manufacturing, and unwavering dedication to enhancing intimate experiences. With two distinct yet complementary product lines, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact this collaboration will have on our respective brands, and the end user experience.”

The product lineup includes Bad Wolf and Moby Dick, two male enhancement pills designed to “work in five minutes, and safely enhance male performance, prolong stamina, and intensify male pleasure,” according to a company rep.

Two gummy edibles round out the collection, including Love Bunny, a women’s formula that “enhances desire and physical pleasure within one hour,” and Dirty Hare “size and stamina” sexual enhancement gummies for men.

Diamond Wellness proprietary formulas boast a three-year shelf life, and are developed by a team member who possesses a Ph.D. in chemistry, resulting in “impeccable taste, superior efficacy and no headaches.” Each “long lasting, fast acting” supplement is available without a prescription.  Tracy Leone, Bedroom Products Director of Sales, expressed her support for Diamond Wellness.

“I am a huge supporter of Dadli Yashar, Co-Founder of Diamond Wellness, and each outstanding supplement that they produce right here in Los Angeles,” she said. “The formulas deliver on their claims in terms of taste and efficacy, and the eye-catching packaging will undoubtedly pop in a retail environment. We are confident that this partnership will  foster repeat sales opportunities for retailers.”

Bad Wolf, Dirty Hare, Love Bunny, and Moby Dick are sold individually, and are also available in space-efficient countertop displays for seamless retail merchandising.

For more information, please contact tracy@bedroomproducts.com.

About Bedroom Products
Bedroom Products is an award-winning Los Angeles-based manufacturer of sensual accessories that aim to enhance intimate moments. With a passion for enhancing the bedroom experience, we continually strive to create high-quality arousal and intimacy items that cater to a wide range of preferences and lifestyles.

About Diamond Wellness
Diamond Wellness, headquartered in Los Angeles, specializes in crafting premium female and male sexual enhancement gummies and pills, meticulously formulated with a blend of natural ingredients. Expert-formulated products are developed by doctors, and manufactured in-house in limited quantities to guarantee effectiveness and safety. With no prescription required and an unwavering commitment to safety, Diamond Wellness is a trusted source of premium sexual wellness enhancers for men and women. 

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