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Fun Factory Reveals Anti-Valentine’s Solution as 97% of Americans Demand Year-Round Love

Los Angeles, CA / February 5, 2024: FUN FACTORY, the pioneers of playfulness, are urging their customers to forget Valentine’s Day traditions and have a sexier, more modern, and more indulgent anti-Valentine’s celebration. Their latest customer survey showed that lots of folks are on the same page: A whopping 97% of people believe love should be celebrated every day of the year.

The survey, taken by over 600 Americans, revealed that almost 50% of people say they’d rather “cut out the fuss” and say “f**k Valentine’s Day” altogether. FUN FACTORY’s new customizable kits help them do just that.

There are reasons behind these customers’ V-Day skepticism. For one, Valentine’s Day is practically synonymous with breakups. Ever heard of Red Tuesday? According to YouGov data, about one in 14 Americans has broken up with someone on V-Day and according to FUN FACTORY’s own survey, a whopping 44% of the brand’s customers have been dumped around Valentine’s. Contrast that with the 21% of customers who say it’s okay to date someone through V-Day and break up soon after.

It’s no wonder 16% of customers want to avoid the holiday, 23% couldn’t care less, 36% don’t find it remotely sexy, and 2% are spending it alone, even though they’re partnered up. Always one to listen to customer feedback, FUN FACTORY is taking an anti-Valentine’s approach to the holiday and offering customizable kits with powerful, ethically made sex toys and premium accessory options.

The curate-your-own kits will sell for $214 in honor of 2/14, and represent a discount of up to 45% off – which is over $180!

A specially built landing page allows buyers to choose an experience, solo or partnered, before getting to the exciting part—personalizing their own sexy kit to use all year round. There’s even expert content, covering everything from dating after divorce to casting a self-love spell!

Kristen Tribby, Global Head of Marketing and Education at FUN FACTORY, explains: “Our customers talked, and we listened. We created the anti-Valentine’s campaign to allow our customers to choose how they want to celebrate this day—not how society tells them they should. This idea came when 90% of our customers revealed they would rather shop online with a brand that takes an unconventional approach to Valentine’s Day. That’s exactly what we brought them.

“Our anti-Valentine’s campaign is modern; it’s fun, inclusive, and hyper-personalized. It not only provides customers with an opportunity to curate their own V-Day box and save a ton, but also offers special content for single people, couples, throuples, and polycules. We wanted to really ensure we’re giving everyone everything they need for celebrating love every day of the year, in whichever way they choose!”

Even our Sexperts are on board. Zachary Zane, Sex Expert at FUN FACTORY says: “We should all be able to celebrate love EVERY SINGLE DAY, whether you’re single, couple, throuple, or in a massive polycule. For decades, we’ve been exposed to content only relating to couples in ‘traditional,’ heteronormative relationships, and this is not how every person likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or if they even want to celebrate it at all. We deserve more than roses, cards, and gender-based advertisements. I hope more brands will follow Fun Factory’s example and help create a space where EVERYONE feels loved in whatever way they’re comfortable with, no matter the day!”

Zach even curated his own personalized kit, which included MANTADUKEBI AMOR, and his book, Boyslut.

Oh, and here’s the silver lining about the whole breakup thing—in case of a split, 60% agree: The one who received the toys gets to keep them. So whether you’re treating yourself or receiving from another, expect sexy fun all year round.

So, join the anti-Valentine’s movement this Valentine’s and curate your own custom kit. The custom bundles are available now at https://us.funfactory.com/pages/valentines-day until February 19th.

FUN FACTORY is an innovator in the adult toy industry, combining German engineering with a sense of joyful experimentation to create pleasure products that are both superior and unique in design. Since 1996, their factory in Bremen, Germany has employed eco-friendly methods and fair labor practices in producing their bestselling FUN FACTORY toys.

The custom bundles are available at https://us.funfactory.com/pages/valentines-day, are valid until February 19, and are priced at $214 (up to $395 in value, more than a 45% savings).

One can personalize one’s own bundle with three sex toys and an accessory from some of the industry’s top brands including Spareparts, Liberator and SUTIL. Here are the options:

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👅 For explorers (one pick): 

🍑 For vibration lovers (one pick): 

👉 For pleasure seekers (one pick): 

💦 Accessories (one pick): 

You can access all images here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wOMVFW3OCDSnjoSX7Y6-Zy8s2xPRM4-O?usp=sharing



The independent survey was facilitated by Fun Factory and compiled answers from over 600 US based Fun Factory customers. Full survey results are available on request and below or further key findings. 

  • Over 600 Americans were surveyed (617) and of th 617:-

  • 36.3% are women (including transgender women)

  • 55.9% are men (including transgender men)

  • 53% are coupled (monogamous, together for 5 years or more)

  • 12.3% are single and not dating

  • 9.6% are widowed 

  • 8.6% are single and dating

Anti-Valentines insights from the survey found:

  • 39% of people don’t plan to buy a gift at all this Valentine’s Day while almost 14% are planning to treat themselves.

  • 70% of people surveyed believe in Valentine’s Day gifting

  • Only 22% think Valentines is romantic and a good opportunity to reconnect with a partner

  • But over a third (36.5%) just think its a consumer frenzy and doesn’t inspire romance or horniness

  • Almost a quarter (24%) of people admitted being dumped on, just before, or just after Valentines

  • With 74% of people admitting they would prefer to be dumped just before Valentines.

  • And there’s 21% who would stay with a partner just because it’s Valentine’s Day and dump them afterwards

  • Almost a quarter (23.7%) don’t care about Valentines

  • 16.4 % of people avoid Valentine’s Day completely

  • And even 2% of people said while they have a partner, they prefer to spend Valentines alone

  • Almost a quarter (24%) of people admitted being dumped on, just before, or just after Valentines

  • 36.5% of people think Valentine’s is a consumer frenzy and doesn’t inspire romance or horniness

  • 16.4% of people avoid Valentines completely

  • 51.5% would rather cut the fuss and say fuck Valentine’s Day this year

  • 90.8% would rather shop online with a brand that takes an unconventional approach to Valentine’s Day

  • In a breakup:

    • 56.8% of people say the person the sex toys were bought for should get them

    • 13% say the person who liked them the most should get them

    • 16.7% say the person who bought them should keep them

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