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Mare Maker 142 is Now Available from Topped Toys

If you felt like the Mare Maker 138 packed an extra punch, you’re right. Our production molds came out a bit bigger, birthing a Mare Maker 142, instead. So we’re updating the name and offering the Mare Maker 142 at 20% discount this weekend.

The Mare Maker shape is designed to squeeze through your pelvic and tail bones more easily than a round toy. With a long tapered tip that will hold your second ring gaping open while the neck stretches your boy puss into the perfect elongated gash. Get ready to ride the ultimate stallion in the Mare Maker line. We’ll have you ready for the biggest horse cocks you can find with a little training on the 142.

The Mare Maker is a total hole-transformer, designed to stretch your hole into the perfect pussy of your dreams. Mare Maker’s unique oval shaped bulb helps this monster slip through your pelvis more easily than a round toy. Once it’s in, it stretches your hole into an elongated gash while you struggle to grip the neck with your failing muscles. The perfect mare pussy.

For more information visit www.toppedtoys.com

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