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‘Maya & Jia’ HERVE BODILIS Helms the Landmark 36th Installment of DORCEL’s Iconic Pornochic Series

A Showcase for Maya Woulfe & Jia Lissa, the Latest Volume of Dorcel’s Long-Running ‘Pornochic’ is Available on DVD Domestically from Pulse Distribution

Paris, FRANCE, Los Angeles, CA USA – June 7, 2023 –  Dorcel, the European innovator in pleasure for all, today announced that the landmark 36th volume of its venerable Pornochic series, Maya & Jia, is available on DVD in the United States exclusively from Pulse Distribution. Showcasing the talents of American-born Maya Woulfe and redheaded Russian starlet Jia Lissa, this entry in Dorcel’s most storied franchise was helmed by veteran filmmaker and creative director Herve Bodilis.

Set in Paris, the film’s opening scene introduces viewers to Jia and Maya, longtime best friends accustomed to sharing everything, including their boyfriends. Inspired to take their adventurousness to new heights, they extend an invitation to James Duval and Ricky Mancini to join them for a quiet night at home, setting the stage for an unforgettable four-way rendezvous.

The next day, Jia’s phone rings, and to her surprise, it’s Chloe Duval on the line—an old friend with whom she had long ago lost touch. Chloe, who happens to be in Paris, informs her that she only has two hours to spare for their long-awaited reunion. Now confronted with this fleeting opportunity, Jia contemplates how they can maximize their limited time together. Thankfully, Maya comes to the rescue with the perfect plan, leading to yet another extraordinary rendezvous.

Director Bodilis, who has helmed well over one hundred releases for Dorcel over the years, pours on the sexy lingerie that is the label’s trademark: sleek black garments and a host of high-end boudoir attire including vintage garter belts. Replete with sun-drenched European locales, sophisticated sets, and a gorgeous cast, the Dorcel brand’s commitment to beauty and elegance is evident in every frame of the film’s 107-minute running time.

“The surprise appearance of lovely U.S. born Maya Woulfe in the lead of the new Pornochic was an inspired bit of casting genius,” said Daniel Metcalf, Dorcel’s U.S. Publicist. “Her chemistry with Jia Lissa is nothing short of remarkable, making their sex scenes incredibly passionate and the portrayal of the ladies as globe-trotting best friends instantly believable.”

The major European innovator in sexual pleasure through VOD services, concept stores, virtual reality, and podcasts, Dorcel is at the forefront of technology in the service of pleasure. For more information, visit dorcel.com.

For domestic sales information, please contact Josh St. John at Pulse Distribution, 818-435-1610 /   jstjohn@pulsedistribution.com.

To request Dorcel DVDs for review domestically, please contact Daniel L. Metcalf at Æon 48, 818-266-7910 / DLM@aeonfortyeight.com.

About Dorcel
In four decades, Dorcel has become a major player in providing pleasure for all. Currently present in more than 75 countries as the benchmark brand for chic sexual pleasure, Dorcel enables everyone to please and be pleased sexually in a free and positive way. The French company is committed to ethical and responsible adult pleasure including the protection of minors and personal data. Dorcel’s customers around the world fantasize about sexual pleasure via its productions, TV channels, and high-end VOD services, as well as sex toys, manufactured and distributed by its network of physical stores as well as its websites. A major innovator in sexual pleasure with VOD, its concept store, virtual reality (VR), and podcasts, Dorcel is at the forefront of technology in the service of pleasure.

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