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Burlesque Superstar Bryona Ashly Makes Mainstream Adult Debut in Seth Gamble & Siren Obscura’s ‘Close’

Los Angeles, CA / February 29 2024 – 2024 XBIZ Performer of the Year Seth Gamble is pleased to announce the release of Close, the third scene of Enigma, his collaboration with Los Angeles-based filmmaker, cinematographer, and editor Siren Obscura. Starring himself and acclaimed burlesque dancer and popular model Bryona Ashly in her mainstream adult debut, the ambitious cinemacore sequence is now available on LucidFlix.com.

In Enigma, Gamble and Obscura transport viewers to a captivating world of dance and seduction. As passion and deception intertwine, the line between desire and danger blurs, pushing art to the edge of obsession in a thrilling pursuit of truth.

For Close, Gamble and Obscura moved the project in a genuinely groundbreaking direction, securing the services of burlesque icon Bryona Ashly for her very first mainstream sex scene. “Bryona epitomizes the very pinnacle of burlesque artistry,” Gamble enthused. “Not only is she a superstar within the burlesque scene, but she also commands attention as an internationally recognized pinup model and performer. Much like her heroine Dita Von Teese, Bryona is instrumental in ushering pinup glamor into the mainstream, transcending its historical confines. Her timeless beauty evokes the classic allure of Hollywood’s golden age, of legends like Bettie Page, Diane Webber, and Diana Barrymore—all woven seamlessly into her screen persona. Her incredible charisma and passionate energy made this an incredibly sensual sex scene.”

Close, the third episode of Enigma, starring Seth Gamble and Bryona Ashly, is available exclusively on lucidflix.com. For public relations assistance please contact Daniel Metcalf at 818-266-7910 or email dlm@aeonfortyeight.com.

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