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LAUNCHING at Altitude Show, Las Vegas FEBRUARY 2024
Altitude BOOTH # 436… are you ready for it??

OXBALLS is the brand most craved, asked for by name, by men who want toys geared for their play…fetish-based toys with the original design and quality for hard play.  Elaborate, creative premium material stuff that fits into a guys sexploration–even the most basic toy we create has details that make them work better, feel right, become a favorite.

OXJOK apparel has 15 years of our design experience making the best toys, with the coolest details our design team could imagine, in jocks so new, so well thought out that guys will be as impressed by what we offer to cover their crotch as they are with our toys they put on their junk.

OXJOK jocks uses the best quality materials with impeccable build quality—our customers play harder so we made our jocks stand up to their high expectations.  Elastics that are plush but thicker, with the right stretch, the right feel. Straps that lift a guys butt without crushing his junk.

Pouch fabrics that cup a guy right, the right shape to hold a guy up and out and show off what they have. Our customer wants a look that shows off his junk in pouches where you might see a bit of VDL (Visible Dick Line). Our toy designs give more, our jocks do as well.  Details like SLIDER-STRAP self-centering pouches that shift into place adjusting to how the buttstraps fit his ass…pouches that don’t crush, pinch or bunch.

We put a discrete STASH pocket on the hip of many waistbands—we know how our guys play, where they wear jocks.  There are so many cool ways to use the STASH: locker keys, a bit of cash, a hotties phone number, a OXLUBE packet…anything that fits, stays put.

We are a toy company–our Oxguy uses and loves his toys…in many our pouches we added BUNGEE:  a soft rubbery elastic cord that tethers to a cockring or cocksling lifting a guys junk up and out—a simple detail but the kind of detail a brand known for the best cockrings would offer.  To complete this concept the hangtag on every OXJOK design is a pouch with the new JOKFIT rubbery cockring—a added value only a toy based company would include, should include.

Our labels and elastics feature branding or fetish labels or “dongles”—big 3D rubbery embossed labels with clear branding, colors that tie into the design with fetish icons guys will want to be seen in, show off…post pics.  This kind of detail show up loud in retail shops and stores, on websites, at events, and on social media—exactly what the OXBALLS customer already wants to see from our gear. It’s bold and iconic OXBALLS style.

We put snarky, funny, cool details everywhere, many the customer will discover over time and will definitely make them smirk. We embroidered sexy phrases on the rear waistband right over the peak of a guy’s butt that repeats in words the type of play the guy that chose that jock would want to display.  Guys love to show off–we see all the Oxfan pics online, but also in bars, in clubs, in their profiles…our jocks show off no matter what pose or position a guy takes or wants to show off.

OXJOK packaging is right for the customer and the retails shop:  huge window front boxes what show the waistband, the cool label designs, all the entire pouch, all the important details—everything a consumer wants to see that will get his attention, even the most packed sore.  Our packaging rear has a ton of info our type of customer wants when making a purchase…and there are surprise “easter eggs” on the bottom flap and inside the box that will make the experience of getting a OXJOK so fun.

Every jock is wrapped around a rigid inner support that keeps the design placed in the packaging perfectly.  We even made that usually wasted insert into a experience for the customer to play with: we made a “GLORY HOLE” insert any horny guy will want to fiddle with, maybe even show off on his profile or media…we think hidden surprises are what makes a consumer connect to our brand and offers the coolest purchase experience.

Here’s the details we learned from years of shopping products: we put clear, color coded barcode/product name labels on every package rear box corner, it’s easy to scan, and clear purchasing info for the customer.  The same barcode is also on the cockring hangtag we hung on every jock. (Perfect for shops that either hang jocks or peg them)

We hate digging for our waist size when we shop so we put a “LEVI” style tongue tag embedded on the front waistband pouch seam, plus a size dot on the top front of our box hang flap.  Our goal is to make our brand easy to shop and easy to inventory and maintain.

We want our OXJOK jocks to be as playful and cool an experience as all our OXBALLS toys already are—all the color and fit and feel a jock design from a brand as craved as ours would offer.  We want to surprise and delight customers by giving so much more to the experience of getting a new jock.

OXJOK: underwear, jocks, apparel to toy with.


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